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Business Plan Guidelines


Entry to the business plan contest is $25.00. Please register online

Once you enter the business plan contest you are invited to attend the Jim Fee Start Up Clinic on September 7th at no cost (See the important dates below). You will be assigned a team of three judges knowledgeable about your industry to review your executive summary (due for upload no later than October 1) and your PowerPoint presentation.  After the entries close day on September 27, 2013 you will receive an invite to THE VENTURE FORUM DROPBOX to pick up the executive summary and PowerPoint templates with instructions to guide you. 

Directions for Your Executive Summary - 2 pages MAX!

Once you enter, the template for your 2-page executive summary will be available for download after September 20. Please complete the sections in the template   in a 12 pt or larger font.  Hyperlinks to additional content or video illustrations of the technology are encouraged.   The executive summary cannot exceed two pages. If you have any questions you can contact BPC@theventureforum.org and your questions will be answered promptly. Once you complete the executive summary, email it to BPC@theventure forum.org or you can upload it to you individual dropbox provided.

Directions for the PowerPoint Presentation

Once you enter, the PowerPoint Presentation Template will be available for download after registration closes. TVF is strictly adhering to the  10/15/30 Guidelines for the 2013 Business Plan Contest: No more than 10 Slides/15 minutes to present and use/ 30 Pt. Font for the slides, the 10 slides must include the following topics:

•      Problem  & Solution

•      Business model

•      Innovation/Technology

•      Marketing & Sales

•      Competition

•      Team

•      Financial Projections & Milestones

•      Status & Timeline

Important Dates

 September 7, 2013   9:00 AM- 12:00 PM Jim Fee Memorial Start Up Clinic at the WPI Campus Center
 September 27, 2013     Registration for Entries CLOSES
 September 21, 2013    Download of Executive Summary and PowerPoint Templates    
 October  1, 2013    Last Date to send or upload your Executive Summary
 October 5, 2013  9:00 AM- 12:00 PM Power Point Presentation for the first Round of Judging
 October 11, 2013    Finalists Announced and Mentors Assigned to Entrepreneurs
 October 14, 2013   Last Date to Upload Full Business Plan and PPT Slides
 November 12, 2013   5:00 PM- 8:30 PM Final Round Judging and Presentation--TVF Program



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