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Mentor Services

VF Guides

Mentors participating in VF Guides work with Worcester’s most promising early-stage startups to tackle a particular problem over a mutually-agreed upon period of time. Venture Forum staff carefully matches mentors involved in this program with appropriate entrepreneurs based on expressed needs and industry expertise.

Resource-Based Mentoring

A pool of advisors and subject matter experts who are available to answer specific questions from startup founders on an ad-hoc basis. Venture Forum members access this mentoring service through our mentor database and virtual community.

Peer Network of Mentors

Learn from and connect with other mentors over dinner and drinks at semi-annual mentor appreciation nights.

An Ideal Mentor is Someone Who….

  • Inspires curiosity
  • Challenges assumptions and expectations through useful feedback
  • Guides through asking probing questions
  • Is honest and direct about what he or she does not know
  • Is eager to learn along with the mentee

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