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A Sneakerhead's Paradise

For sneakerheads who want to collect sneakers but lack time to invest in searching and negotiating, we provide a unique subscription-based platform that separates users based on their price elasticity to pair them with the sneakers they want at prices they can afford.

Arc Industries

A renewable energy research company devoted to developing and implementing new and exciting technology which furthers the adoption of clean energy sources.

Empowering Confident Youth

Helping to empower elementary, middle and high school youth to develop a solid sense of self and purpose so they are able to shape a future based on their own identity, passion, and entrepreneurial vision.



The first universal smart farm platform. We help farmers improve labor productivity and yields through data. Smart sensors and controllers help farmers detect issues before they impact yields and improve labor productivity by improving workflow.

All-in-one solution for healthy nutrition. provide you with a personalized easy-to-cook meal plan based on an AI-powered matching algorithm, hand reviewed by our in-house experts to match your specific needs.

Reflective Performance Inc.

Unlocking Human Potential and Productivity by systematically applying Executive Function (EF) Assessment and Skills enhancement to improve individual employee and organizational performance


A hair care line infused with CBD to promote healthy hair growth and scalp health. 


A novel clear aligner company, founded by dentists, doing orthodontics safer, better, and cheaper.a